Welcome on the BARbár Café website's!

Located in the most peaceful part of District V in a small side street of Vaci utca (Papnövelde utca 3.), BARbár Café & Chocolate is THE BEST chocolateria in this town! The owners, a young couple named Viki and Tomi are very enthusiastic about the cafe and their aim is to make the guests utterly at home and relaxed in their café. The philosophy behind it is: using only high-quality ingredients for the preparation of coffees, lemonades and chocolates. For the chocolate drinks they buy real Belgian Callebaut chocolate (dark 70%, milk 47% or white 28% chocolate pastilles and not powder that is sued in most other Budapest cafes). The freshly made lemonade drinks (in a jam jar) are very refreshing on a sultry summer day. You can also have snacks, should you feel peckish: toast sandwiches (try the spiced ham toast with mustard and cheese) with various spreads (aubergine spread, Italian pesto, spiced tomato cream). BARbár Cafe has laid-back atmosphere with warm colors and creative furnishing (refurbished Singer sewing machines serve as tables).